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The Impacts of Web Page Size

Page size is an important issue in SEO since it significantly influences total page speed, conversions, and web hosting costs.

Page speed (also known as "load speed") evaluates how quickly a page's content loads. Since most information on a page loads simultaneously, one with a lot of content will take longer to load. As a result, having a large page will slow the load speed and reduce the performance of the site.

Mentioning other impacts, from the survey results of Unbounce, nearly 70% of customers claimed that the page speed has certain impacts on their online buying decisions. Therefore, your conversions will have better results when your page speed and page size are optimized.

In addition, smaller page file sizes may result in lower hosting costs. Pages with a larger size need more bandwidth (file transmission), which might result in high hosting costs, especially for big sites.

SalesHunterThemes Page Size Checker

How SalesHunterThemes’ website size checker tool works?

The page size checker by SalesHunterThemes offers details about the average size of web pages for any given URL. By simply inputting the URL of the page you wish to measure, the tool will generate immediate results.

At SalesHunterThemes, we recognize the importance of time, money, and effort for online businesses. Therefore, our tool is specifically designed to effectively help site owners by providing detailed page size breakdowns. Using our report on your page size, you will be able to spot which part might need improvements.

And the great thing is, you can enjoy all of these advantages without spending any money! Indeed, using our tool to check web page size is FREE!

What is the ideal size for a well-performed website?

Ideally, it is recommended to maintain an HTML DOM page size of approximately 100kb or less, depending on your niche or target audience.

In certain industries, such as eCommerce, it is common to come across larger pages. Because there are numerous product images included on the page.

If you are a Shopify merchant, you should be aware that for specific pages like product and collection descriptions, Shopify has a maximum content limit of 64kb. This restriction to the amount of content within the page, including all the HTML, CSS and Javascript that is generated for its elements.

The Cheat Sheet to Improve Your Website Size

Your page too large? Don’t worry! Here is the checklist to improve your website size. By following these points, your site’s weight will be improved a lot.

  • Optimize your images: Reduce the size of your images to match the page width and compress them.
  • Avoid custom fonts: Easily trim down the web page size by not using custom fonts.
  • Minimize resource: Remove unnecessary HTML, CSS, JavaScript data without affecting how the information is processed by the browser.
  • Use a light-weight theme: Lightweight themes generally have fewer files, scripts, and functionalities to load, which translates to faster page load times. Page speed is the center of SalesHunterThemes. Let's check them out!

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