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Blum theme helps you display your content in a unique and effective way. With an image-focused design, you can make your product shine.

Guaranteed fast-loading speed and mobile-first design to deliver the best shopping experience.
Blum works best with:

Small and medium catalog

Clothing and accessories stores

Health and beauty stores

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Clean, energetic, dazzling, and feminine vibe

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Stylish, wild, creative with a minimalism vibe

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Young, colorful, happy, soothing vibe

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Why you need Blum

We built Blum with the purpose of delivering to you the purest of values. Find out why it will be the best theme for your online store.

Made for fashion brands

Our theme design is created based on best practices in the fashion market. We make sure you get what you need to build your store your way.

A true mobile-first design

Blum was created first and foremost to work perfectly with mobile devices. Mobile shoppers will get the best experience!

Unrivaled page speed

All pages made with Blum, as tested with Google PageSpeed for mobile devices, got scores of more than 80/100. This not only ensures the best buyer experience but also your Google ranking.

24/7 live chat support

No need to wait for days to get your theme fixed. Blum’s support team is available 24/7.

Key features that meet your design needs

Aside from everything that a theme should have, here are some special features you might want to try out.

A design that tells stories with visuals

Delight your site visitors with our design tailored for fashion stores.

  • Image and video banners
  • Slideshows
  • Collapsible content
  • Image collages
  • Image/Video/Icon banners with editable text elements

Conversion-oriented product display

Present your products in an unique but effective way to gain more conversion.

  • Featured product carousels
  • Shoppable images
  • Featured collections
  • Testimonials
  • Upsell and cross-selling
  • Color swatches

Design for promotions

Explore creative ways to present your promotion campaign.

  • Custom promotion running text
  • Pop-ups
  • Timeline slides
  • Announcement bars
  • Address lists

Intuitive navigation

No more friction in the way your customers shop and engage with your storefront.

  • Sticky headers or transparent headers
  • 4 styles of header layout
  • Cart drawers and cart pages
  • Responsive navigation
  • Optimized for complex items

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